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G2A.COM is mainly an innovative platform that offers comfortable and swift access to wide range of products such as software activation licenses for Steam, Origin, Xbox Live cards, PSN codes and time-cards for online games in unique prices. The company is occupied withdigital distribution . G2A.COM is also a game supplier. Thanks to the implementation of the latest technologies, we have the highest level of security and availability on the European market of digital sales platforms to our credit. Our mission is to provide the best digital game licenses and retail service to all our Partners and Customers. More importantly, we are a team of video-game enthusiasts who know what it means to pull an all-nighter with a group of friends – just enjoying the game. Most of all, we still remain faithful to our basic ideas: community, customers, quality and user-friendly service. We are behind such successful sites as WWW.G2A.COM. We have also launched Goldmine - a special service for gamers all around the world. It is an innovative program which allows You to generate real profits for all of its users. If You are a active Customer or You have lots of friends who enjoy playing videogames, Goldmine is just what You have been waiting for! 

G2A affiliate program - Goldmine 

G2A giving us an option to promote their gaming sales using our own ref-links.
To earn money we need to promote our ref-link so the potential buyer will click it and purchase a game through us (our ref link).
On each sell G2A makes using our ref-link we earn money.
We will have an option to make our own ref-links and to change their names so they will look more attractive to the buyer.

Goldmine signup :

Or if you want to help me and saying thanks for this guide (that was written entirely by me) you can signup using my link :  (thank you ! much appreciated !)
Ok I am now a Goldmine affiliate... what's next ?
Now I will show and explain about our page
Our page looks like this :

"How to earn" tab - explaining about the goldmine + giving us some useful tips on earning faster !
"Tools" tab - This is where we are going to create our ref-links and track them. We can see how many people clicked a certain ref-link and we can modify their names or delete them if we want to.
*How to create a ref-link?*
When you go to tools tab you will see a button called "+addmore". A small window will pop and as you to fill in 2 fields. The first one is our ref-link name, choose an attractive name(see my example ref-link above) and the second field is for linking your ref-link to a certain page. You can link you ref-link to a game page in G2A website or just to G2A home page... Your choice.
"Payouts" tab - Here you can ask for a payment to your PayPal account or Skrill account. You can also choose a bank transfer through their site.
"Settings" tab - You can change there your password and stuff... *It's very important to add your PayPal email in settings for that you can Payout later and without any problems.*
Below you can see my selling feed :) I don't want to publish it because of my reasons but I will show you a small piece :

Not bad eh !?
Well but I got to tell you one thing... A catch !
G2A unlike other game sells affiliate program pays more for lower sales. If you sell a game for 30 euro u can get maybe 4 euro... G2A pays more for small sells and I think it's way better.
Because most people when they see a game sale that is 10$ or lower they will instantly buy it ! without even thinking twice. That's perfect for us :) For example in CJSKEYS affiliate program you will get like 0.1 or 0.2 euro max for 5 euro purchase. This is where G2A going. Giving us an opportunity to earn more on low price sales ! ***G2A FTW***
some adds
Once a user bought using your ref-link, from now on every time he buys a game you will receive money !
If a user clicked your ref-link and didn't make a purchase, If he returns to G2A and buys later you will still receive money !!! YES :P
But how !? - very simple. G2A tracks and submits your IP for a certain amount of time. you will receive the money even 1 day later if he still enters the site and makes a purchase.
G2A is a known European website selling games. It got a Pro support team and they deal with any problems in a matter of hours :)
If u user that bought using your ref-link decides to signup, then you will get money on his sales. It's a Pyramid scheme.
NO MINIMUM PAYOUT !!! yes it's true. if you want you can payout even 1 euro or each time your earn something :)
Payouts are delivered within 5 days. Rarely, extremely rarely they are delivered in 1 month(never happened to me or people I know)
Payment received to my PayPal account :
Guys this affiliate program is working ! and for the first time I'm getting paid :)
Because I'm not an English speaker that was tough to write (to be honest I used google twice for checking 2 words). This payment you see was some time ago. Now I have 4 or more pending payments at about 5 euro's each :) Progress !
Guys work hard for 1 month and you will see earning by autopilot ! guaranteed (didn't use google on this word either xD)

I've been Honest with you guys and I will really appreciate if you signup using my ref-link ! Thank you and have a great day ! My link :

As you can see this method is working !
Enjoy and I wish you all good luck :
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